Starbucks iPhone App

One Swipe Away

I work remotely from various Starbucks locations and one main issue I have with the app is that it takes too long to get to the Pay screen. I know they added the ability to "shake to pay" but honetly I feel silly doing such an action to pay for my drink. "Shake to do anything in an app" should be reserved for more fun activities.

I created a "central circle content area", holding, content, call to actions, three views, the reward meter, and the Pay call to action. Sounds like alot, but I achieved a nice balance with this centralized design.

Swiping the circle will page through Rewards, Stores, and Gifts. Swiping the green part of the circle up allows you to pay. Swiping the circle down exits.


Rethink The Whole Thing

  • Utilize more screen space for content
  • Redesign/rethink the app from scratch

Lessons Learned

Restrictions Foster Creativity

It's alway important to have restrictions part of a project, especially if it's a side project. It keeps you on track as well as, stretches the mind to explore possibilities within those restrictions.