Website Re-Design

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development was set to launch a new concept car at CES 2015 that would re-ignite the auto industry. The company needed it's online presence to meet expectations set from the show. The website no longer resembled the distinct qualities of the Mercedes-Benz brand and didn't represent the quality of work done as a company.

We designed a modern website that showcased the elegant, high quality work we do as a company. Our beautiful photography takes center stage while the use of our own serif and sans-serif fonts guide the user through the pages.

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Skills Used

Sketch, Photoshop, Edge Reflow

  • Wireframe responsive layouts in sketch
  • Design layout and photo adjustments in Photoshop
  • Edge Reflow to fine tune responsive layouts
  • Collaboration with copywriter, developer, and design colleague

Lessons Learned

Deadline + New Tools = Not Again

Trying out Edge Reflow during this project didn't go too well. The learning curve wasn't bad but the end result didn't provide enough benefit.