Norton 360 Multi-Device

New Landing Page Template

We needed to design a new landing page template for the launch of the new Norton 360 Multi-Device. Because this is a new product Symantec was releasing we needed to make sure the landing page informed and educated the user on the need for this product. Also, because the Paid Search field is so competitive we needed the landing page to sale the product well.

I decided to design a long page to accomodate appropriate copy and graphics to help educate the user. If the user decides to read the content then the same call to action seen at the top of the page is also at the bottom of the page, to better grab the well informed user's next action.

Skills Used

Photoshop for Icons

  • Created icons in Photoshop
  • Produced image sprites to help load time
  • Implemented grid system

    Lessons Learned

    Don't Change the Grid

    Modifying the pre-built grid system to accomodate my needs made me veer further from the original documentation, making it harder to debug.